Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford’s reading nook featured in Architectural Digest – how to do it at your place

Oct 19, 2010

Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford Home

What to do with that small corner that is in a hall, entry, or elongated room?  Consider a quaint nook like Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford’s, featured in Architectural Digest. This nook is easily created in any corner of your home.  While this is a very traditional setting this can also be done in a contemporary home with contemporary furnishings.

In order to mimic Mirren’s look in your space start with color. The coloring is what makes this space so dramatic, consider Benjamin Moore’s celtic green for the walls with a creamy white trim. For the window, a flat fold roman shade in something like Simply Linen/Goldenrod from Smith and Noble will create diffused light to soften the corner by cutting glare and by visually dressing the window. Pick up quaint little landscapes with elaborate framing at a flea market. If the framing isn’t quite right, no problem, just go to your local framer and pick your favorite gilded frame – remember to mix and match.

The focal point of this nook, is of course the chair, this too could be a flea market find! For a less time-consuming Saturday, hop on the computer or head out to your local retailer. You’ve got two ways you could go, a completely upholstered look, like the one at Mirren’s, or an open back chair like the Queen Anne from Pottery Barn. Planted firmly next to the seating is an adorable little table, which is a grandma go to. Who’s grandmother doesn’t have something like this? Of course, if you’re like me, your grandmother doesn’t live close by. Never fear, Target offers tons of options, just do a search for accent table and you’ll find hundreds, but here are a few that might just do the trick: option 1, option 2 or option 3. Then head out to the garden and cut your favorite blossoms and put them in the tiniest bud vase you have alongside a ceramic table lamp from Lamps Plus.

This picture perfect room is reflected in the mirror, which expands the space and reflects light back into the room, which is important when you have dark walls.  The last piece, of this traditional puzzle, is the amazing antique rug. Rugs are very personal and there are thousands out there at all price points, one that might do the trick is this Thyme Persian from Pottery Barn.  However, I recommend taking your time with this and selecting your personal favorite, pick one with muted colors and a very tight pattern to complete this look in your nook.