Interior Design: Kitchen Trends for 2011

Feb 8, 2011

A stainless steel countertop

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The down turn in the economy has been a catalyst for design creativity. Kitchens are no exception, even the ultra contemporary and the ultra traditional kitchens are doing something to make their space a little different than they’ve seen before. According to Formica new kitchen trends include:

  • Exotic woods, as well as the classics like pine and oak
  • Less staining and painting to the woods – allowing the grain to show through
  • Granite, marble and synthetic granite and stone look countertops
  • All white kitchens with bright pops of red, yellow, orange
  • Cabinets in stronger colors like French Blue and Turquoise
  • Natural light earth tones like sand, cream and driftwood gray
  • Muted shades of olive-green paired with stone looks for a grounded palette
  • More texture—combining materials to create an interesting mix

Kitchens can, of course, go with or against the trends.  Kitchen cabinetry is running wild with an anything goes approach, from sleek cherry red lacquer finishes paired with grey granite countertops for high drama, to cabinets coated with classic white paint matched with creamy marble counters.  Cabinets with metal finish doors complemented by concrete or concrete look countertops and traditional wood cabinets in finishes that range from light oak to dark mahogany paired with textured finishes are still happening too.  Let’s not forget ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel and chrome, all still very dominant in the marketplace. Anything is possible in today’s kitchen. No matter your style, make your space your own.