Spring Cleaning STEP 2: Medicine Cabinet

Mar 29, 2011

what's in your medicine cabinet?


Last week we started this trip down spring cleaning lane with the linen closet.  This week is our medicine cabinet/s. As you can imagine this is critical to the health and safety of your family. If you are like many households your medicine may be a bit spread out and now is the time to get it all together to evaluate what you have.
  1. Gather all the medicine from your closet, bath vanity area, refrigerator, etc. My medicine cabinet includes toiletries like deodorants, shampoos, toothpaste, etc. if yours does too, follow the same steps as below including these items.
  2. Check the expiration dates and create an expired pile. Be sure to properly dispose of the following:
    • expired
    • discontinued
    • broken containers
    • illegible labels
    • liquid medications that have separated
  3. Combine like items.  There is no need to have 3 boxes of Alka Seltzer open when they can be combined into one box.
  4. Sort your medicines and toiletries into categories such as cold and cough, pain, his, her, kids, etc. Once sorted, consider running out to get containers to store them in categories, so that they stay neat and orderly. Clear drinking glasses are a great way to sort smaller items such as lipsticks, manicure tools, small tubes of creams, etc.
  5. Wash out the closets, shelves and drawers with warm soapy water with a touch of vinegar to get rid of odors. Dry shelves and replace medicines in storage containers or in neat rows, labels facing front, grouped by category.

Many local pharmacies accept drugs and medicine for safe disposal.  Medications should never be flushed or poured down the sink. There is concern about medicine reaching our water supply because it isn’t adequately cleaned by water treatment plants. Please dispose of your medicines properly so that you do not add to this problem.

Follow along with REDinterior’s spring cleaning over the next few weeks to get your house into tip-top shape. Let us know how you are doing with your spring cleaning on our Facebook page.
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