Spring Cleaning STEP 6: Clothing Closets

Apr 26, 2011

t-shirt collection

Image by ario_ via Flickr

We are in the home stretch, but now we get down to the hard part.  The closets. Many of us have a hard time throwing out those treasured goods, or those smaller sizes.  I have to admit I still have my prom dress from high school (it was custom-made) BUT that is my only memory item.  Try to limit memory items to less than 10 items.

If you are a Facebook fan of REDinterior, you know that in January we suggested that you place the hangers in your closet backwards. As you wore things, you were to replace them on their hangers the normal way. This is a neat little trick to show you what you wear and what you don’t wear.  So, for those of you that did this, it is time take a look at the items still hanging the wrong way in the closet and determine if they really are keepers.

1.    Consider getting rid of the following clothing:

  • items on hangers still backwards after 3 months
  • items you haven’t worn in 3-6 months
  • items 2 sizes too small or too big (1 size is ok)
  • items that have stains or holes (that aren’t suppose to be there)
  • shoes that are overly scuffed, don’t fit, or you haven’t worn in over a year
  • out of style items (by the time they come back you shouldn’t be wearing them anymore!)

Once you’ve decided what items you can donate and what items belong in the trash, we can start the sorting process.

2.    Initially you will want to sort your clothing by season.
3.    Next sort your seasons by article i.e. tops, pants, shorts, dresses, etc.
4.    Re-hang all your clothing so that they face the same direction. Consider buying the new slim line hangers that are fuzzy as they allow more to fit in your closet and keep clothing in place on the hanger.
5.    Refold all your clothing so that they are folded identically.
6.    With mild soapy water, damp wash the cabinets and shelving. If you add a little vinegar to the water it will help remove any odors that might be in the cabinet.
7.    If you would like to use a shelf liner install or replace liner that isn’t in great shape.
8.    To put folded items back, consider what you use most and place those items from waist to eye level for ease of use. Put the things you use the least up high and down low.
9.    For hanging items, put this season’s items in the most accessible area and others seasons in the back or hard to reach areas, and then switch when the seasons change.
10.    Go the extra mile and color group clothing using ROY G BIV as your guide.
11.    Add in cedar products or herbal sachets using naturally available ingredients like cloves, peppermint, thyme, and rosemary to keep moths out.  And voila you are done.

If you have some items that you know your friends will love, consider throwing a party where everyone brings clothing they are willing to trade. Serve a little wine and agree that if it is not taken then it should be donated and drop the items off at your local shelter.

Just remember what is old to you, is new to someone else.  Donating those suits you don’t wear to your local organizations, like shelters that help abused and homeless women get back on their feet, will make it easier for you to part with those things you really don’t wear anymore. Let REDinterior know how it’s going, and share any ideas you may have encountered during this process on our Facebook page.  Next week – Windows.

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