3 ways we brought high tea into the 21st century…

Mar 26, 2013

Last weekend I, with the help of others, hosted a back yard baby shower in Los Angeles for my little sister. The afternoon was designed to be elegant but casual. In honor of the father, a Brit inspired concept: a tea party, was spun on its pretentious head with the boho chic decor.


How we mixed it up:

One. The decor.  We didn’t want to go for the typical English tea where the tea cups are dainty, donning pink roses, nor did we want pristine white table cloths embossed with vines or 4 tiered food stands. Instead, we selected a variety of large saucer-less cups with modernized flowers and colors, burlap tablecloths, wild flower bouquets, and stem-less glasses for a more casual look. Mix and match patterns that worked seamlessly gave the table a collected look.  Chevron, stripe, dots and flowers all worked together to create the eclectic boho look.


Two. Farm to table foods, which, as we all know, are all the rage in all metropolitan areas. The makings of our finger food buffet: from whole wheat bread, fresh caught (rather than farm raised) salmon, pasture raised farm eggs, to fresh squeezed organic tangerine juice (from the tangerines in my back yard) were all home made, farm fresh and yummy.



Three. A theme that didn’t bang you over the head. Most of the time you can tell a theme from a mile away, I prefer a more subtle approach. The inspiration was our invitation, which had an elephant on it and referenced “a little peanut is on the way”.  Our diaper cake, which I made with receiving blankets, baby towels, and burp cloths, had an elephant topper made of baby wash cloths, is both completely reusable and subtly themed. We had a few martini glasses scattered on the table filled with peanuts and again topped with elephants made of baby wash cloths. The path to the back yard was scattered with peanuts leading the way for guests to enter.


As a memento for guests and a nod back to the tea party, our favors were honey jars, labeled “sweet baby boy”. Our 18 guests seemed to enjoy themselves but more importantly the mother and father-to-be were thrilled to share the day with friends and family.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this tea party!