3 Ways to get a Better Night’s Sleep

Oct 31, 2013

One of the biggest items in bedroom décor both visually and financially is your mattress. Consider going natural when buying your next mattress. By going natural, you’ll avoid the off gassing of chemical treatments like PBDEs and boric acid used as a flame-retardant which over the long-term are considered potentially harmful by the EPA.

1) Go rubber! Natural latex mattresses are molded from rubber tree sap.  They hold their form and relieve pressure points by conforming to your body and are made from a natural material. Latex deters dust mites and bacteria so it is a great choice for allergy sufferers.

2) Go old school. Select a mattress that uses tried and true natural materials that have been used for decades. Made by hand companies like Hastens, have been making mattresses by hand for the last 160+ years. In their premier mattresses they wrap the springs by hand and then pack them with untreated wool and horsehair. These materials are naturally fire-retardant.

3) Go organic. Select a mattress with organic cotton padding and a latex core for a blended non-animal product approach.

Most green companies guarantee their mattresses for at least 20 years so you don’t have to compromise. Also when you dispose of your natural mattress, take comfort. Cotton, wool and horse hair are all biodegradable. Natural latex turns to dust over time when exposed to the sun. Steel springs are made from iron ore which eventually return back to the earth.  Select the healthy choice for your next design purchase. If you are interested in getting help with your next mattress purchase, I’d be happy to help.




This post is on Halloween so, I wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween. Check out my costume on the right.



Have a Spooktacular Night Sleep!