Find your keys, find your kids – 5 simple ways to conquer your clutter problems.

Mar 10, 2014

Homes are getting bigger, our cars are bigger, our garages are bigger than ever and yet we don’t seem to have enough room for all our stuff. In the 1950’s the average home was 1400 square feet and the average woman had 4 pairs of shoes. Today homes average 2300+ square feet and the average woman has 13 pairs of shoes(most of us more :/). What do we do with all of this stuff?

  1. Learn to compartmentalize.
    Containers are the way professional organizers, organize. Put all like items in a bin.  Put all the kids toys in a tub, newspapers in the recycling bin, fingernail polish in a basket, and so on.
  2. Everything in its place.
    A tried and true adage! This is the best way to avoid counter clutter. If there is a designated basket for mail, keys, extra grocery bags, etc. they can all be tossed in their respective spots and prevent the counter from being the drop spot keeping your kitchen looking neater.
  3. One in One out.
    Once organized make a commitment to donate or sell something when something new comes in to the house.  This is an especially valuable lesson for kids.  When they get a new toy have them decide which toy they should give to charity. This way they learn to give and receive.
  4. Optimize storage.
    There are so many organization tools on the market. Make use of drawer dividers, under-bed baskets, shelf dividers, storage bags, etc. Using these products will keep your hours of effort intact.
  5. Organize in bits.
    It takes time to go through a whole house, don’t attempt to do it all at once. Take on one closet or cabinet at a time and give yourself a time limit of 2-6 hours. Consider doing 2 hours a day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week or 6 hours every Saturday until it’s done. Come up with a game plan and stick to it but, be easy on yourself! It may have take years to acquire all of your clutter so; it will take some time to go through your entire house.

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