Love it or Lose it? 3 Kitchen DO’s and DON’Ts

Sep 8, 2014

Kitchens are the hart of the home. In this article we will outline kitchen do’s and don’ts for 2015. Below are 3 do’s and 3 don’ts you could consider for your kitchen.


#1) Automation. With the water shortage here in the west, consider adding a foot pedal or a sensor faucet to your kitchen sink. Automation helps avoid wasting water PLUS it keeps your fixture free of drips – what a great two-fer!

#2) Unique fixtures. Add a dramatic lighting fixture to bring some excitement to the room

#3) Maximize storage.  Whether you need a space designed for mobility issues or not, everyone appreciates not getting down on their hands and knees to get something out of a cabinet – use drawers to eliminate potential plumbers crack.


#1) Lose the desk in the kitchen. It is just a place to collect clutter; after all, with everyone on their iPad or laptop there isn’t a reason to have a designated space for the computer anymore.

#2) Lose the fluorescent under-cabinet lighting and opt for LED light strips.

#3) Long gone are the days of tile counters, if your hesitating, don’t. There are gorgeous natural stones or new man-made materials that withstand a beating and look great too. With the man-made counter materials you are also helping the environment as the newer ones are made of recycled glass, mirror, porcelain, etc. yet another two-fer.


PS. Don’t forget to sign up for the 2014 ASID Kitchen & Bath Tour scheduled for Saturday October 25th where you will be able to see a kitchen I designed with all 3 of the DOs!

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Kitchen DO's and DON'Ts messy desk

messy desk image by gogogail