3 Things You’ll Thank Me For

Nov 3, 2014

It’s that time again for us to remember all the things we are grateful for while remembering to stay calm in the eye of the holiday entertaining storm. Before I start, I would like to say thank you to all my clients and readers. I am blessed with a list of clientele that would leave any entrepreneur envious and a nearly 40% open rate for my newsletter! Also a big thank you to those of you that attended the ASID Kitchen & Bath Tour – it was a great success we had over 100 people walk through the kitchen I had on the tour. Of course, a huge thanks to the Roberts for opening up their home to the tour.  For that, and many other reasons, I am a very grateful interior designer this year.

To help you stay frazzle-free, I recommend you do these 3 things by November 15th and your holiday entertaining will truly be about the food and the company.


Do you use your good china and silver during the holidays? If you haven’t stored them properly they are probably dusty from a year of sitting unused. HINT: store china in plastic zipper bags that you get your sheet sets in, this way you don’t have to wash them both before and after use.  If you haven’t stored your china in plastic, you will need to wash them. By hand is tedious but an easy alternative is to run them through a rinse cycle with NO dry cycle. Be sure to leave the detergent cups  EMPTY, turn off the dry cycle, choose a short cycle such as:

  • Rinse Only/Rinse and Hold (this will definitely not have a dry cycle)
  • China and Crystal/Gentle, or
  • Quick Cleanup,

and run the machine. Once finished, open up the machine and either let air dry in the machine or dry with dish towel to avoid water drops on the flatware.  HINT #2: After a meal wash all your dishes with warm soapy water in the sink without rinsing and place them in your washer to rinse and dry in the same manner as above.


If you have holiday specific decor, buy bins to divide and store them in. This way all you have to do is bring in your bins and spend a few hours putting out your items.  I have separate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter bins. I also find that if I decorate on Black Friday for Christmas I feel like I’ve gotten the most bang for my decorating buck come December 31.


Do you drive yourself nuts getting meals prepared for your guests? I’ve been known to go overboard because I love to set a beautiful table and there is nothing worse than not having plenty of food in my book.  However, this can drive you nuts.  I’ve accumulated recipes that we can make in advance so that we get to enjoy the day of the event rather than being exhausted by the time the meal comes out.  An example is a cheese ball that my mother-in-law shared with me, I can make it 3-5 days in advance because cheese only gets better with age – plus it’s freezable. Anything you can prepare a day or two before is a good recipe in my book. Do you have any recipes that fall into that category – use them and save your self from being overworked.

Cheers and Happy Holidays,

PS. If you or someone you know is considering building, remodeling or furnishing their home, call me at 8.752.1456 to see how I can help.