3 Amazing Ways Interior Design Can Impact Your Home Value.

Jan 5, 2015

HAPPY 2015! The thought of a new beginning is always present at the start of a new year – maybe we’ll lose those extra pounds, set some new life goals, or plan a vacation. What ever your wish is for 2015, I wish you that, plus all the love your heart can handle, all the joy that life can bring, and all the laughter your belly can endure.


IF the emotional and spiritual benefits of living in a well-laid-out, gorgeous home aren’t enough, think of the financial benefits. Can the average homeowner add value at the level one should expect from a designer? There are few that can, only you know that answer for yourself. Most homeowners can’t create an environment so uniquely suited to them that it makes their heart skip a beat. Hiring a professional designer, such as myself, can help to increase the value of your property while saving you time, money, and aggravation.

  1. Consider remodeling you kitchen or a bath as this increases your property value. Upgrading these two areas is one of the best ways to increase the worth of your property. Very few buyers want to buy a home with a dated kitchen or bath. If you want to move in the next couple of years, now is the time to remodel so that you can enjoy it yourself for a year or two.
  2. Have a designer oversee every aspect of construction to ensure value is being added where ever possible. Designers can ensure: traffic areas don’t interfere with future furniture arrangements, finishes that are lasting and durable are selected, closets are large enough, doors are in the best spot, there is proper room for window treatments to prevent afternoon glare, etc., etc.
  3. Furnishings that suit the home and you are a great way to increase the value of your home, plus you get to keep them when you move. A beautifully furnished, welcoming home sells faster than an under or over furnished home plus, the funds you spend on furnishings stay with you when you move. There is a reason builders have model homes, people yearn to be in the beautiful spaces they get to walk through.

If you or someone you know is considering building, remodeling or furnishing their home, call me at 8.752.1456 to see how I can help.