I was one of those people who thought, why do you need a designer, but when you hire her you find out soon enough that there is much more work involved with a remodel than you think. Rebecca is not your typical designer, she is the project coordinator that will design the space based on your likes and wants, not hers. She gets to know you as a person and how you live and then helps build a space around that.

Rebecca did it all, all the plans, all of the planning, and if we needed to find someone or something unique, she took care of it! If she brought up something that we thought was to expensive, she was more than willing to find/offer alternatives to what we think made more sense.

You hear horror stories from people saying their remodel went twice as long, and the budget doubled. We had 90 days to finish a full remodel and we were moved in on day 90! Without the proper people in place, you will find yourself with project delays costing you more time and money. Rebecca makes sure you stay on time and on budget essentially saving you money.