I initially sought REDs services to help with paint color choices for my home, but ended up doing a few extra things. I love upgrading my home but find the process stressful. Working with Rebecca was better than I had expected from an interior designer. She was extremely thoughtful about my budget and gave me suggestions about the best way to maximize what I wanted within that budget, such as picking and choosing what to work on to make the biggest impact in our home. She already has painters, wood workers, electricians installers, etc. that she has vetted and communicates any issues that arise with them directly, saving you time and lots of hassle. Back to the paint, she gave suggestions for colors and palettes that I wouldn’t have thought of had I gone to a paint store myself. The result is a palette that flows beautifully from room to room. When I walk in my house now I am extremely happy, it looks beautiful, clean and fresh.