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We will gladly review your architectural plans and offer a designers perspective. We can provide feedback on the layout of the space, closet location and size, the door placement and swing, space for window treatments and many other important details. We can't tell you how many times we've seen a wall of windows facing the ocean with no thought for window treatment. Let us help you find costly oversights like this with a professional interior design plan review. 

Plans are critical to the design build process; they are the reference point for your entire project. Design review of your plans is one of the best, most thoughtful investments you will ever make.


Often times Contractors use history to bid your job. They know they are competing with others for the same job and want to win the work. Finishes such as tile, wood, carpeting, faucetry, appliances, etc. can be so variable in cost that these initial contractor budgets are sometimes futile and don’t represent the true cost of your tastes. To avoid this, together with the designers of REDinterior, we create construction documents that represent your tastes and selections so that when you get budget quotes from your GC they are accurate.  In the past, we have found that budgets from our plans are accurate to within 5%.


How many drawers should I have? How many doors? What types of inserts are available? So much to consider. At REDinterior we work to understand how you use a space before we design it for you. Whether it is a powder room or a multi-thousand square foot home, proper design of your cabinetry and built-ins is essential. We can design for your cabinet maker or we can recommend a trusted professional to handle your job.


Undertaking the task of construction? Wouldn't it be nice to get an expert opinion on every choice you had to make in life? We can't help you with every choice you make but we can provide a second opinion on every major choice you make when building your dream home.

When you build or remodel a home, there is a seemingly unending list of things you need to choose: from appliances and faucets to tile and flooring. Let someone experienced in the art of design guide you through the process. At REDinterior we pride ourselves on keeping the big picture in mind while selecting all those little details. We always consider your budget and sense of style to help you choose what is best for you.

Avoid overwhelm and let REDinterior help guide you through all those choices prior to getting quotes from a General Contractor. By selecting the list below we create a fixed costs for our finishes, this enables your General Contractor to quote the work with tremendous accuracy.  We’ve found the GCs to be within 5% of bid based on our packet - kind of unheard of!

• Appliance Selection
• Automated Blind Plan
• Bath Design
• Bath Accessories Selection
• Ceiling Design
• Counter-top Material and Edge Detail
• Custom Cabinets/ Built-ins
• Exterior Door and Window Finish
• Fireplace Design/Selection
• Flooring Material Design and Selection
• Furniture Plan
• Interior Door & Hardware
• Kitchen Design
• Lighting Plan (update layout to Furniture Plan)
• Lighting - General and Decorative
• Mirrors/Shower Door System
• Molding Selection
• Outside/BBQ/Bar Design
• Plumbing Selection
• Review vendor shop drawings
• Stair Railing, Tread & Riser Detail
• Stone/Tile/Mosaic Design
• Wall Finishes


Once you’re in the thick of it you may want someone with experience in the industry to check on things and be your advocate. During construction, REDinterior can help be a steward of the design we so carefully designed by:

  • Reviewing work performed to ensure it is according to plan
    Site visits during critical installations
    Consulting to home owner
    Be a resource for contractors for questions regarding design
    Be a resource for on-site problem solving


You're starting from scratch or really close to it. Need help from someone that will think of your project as a final product, not just the building itself but a fully furnished, livable home? Think about it, builders, architects, cabinetmakers and other contractors are finished with their job when they finish their part and the builder hands you the keys to the body of your home. But what about its soul?

Let's face it, when the builder places the keys in your hand, it might feel like you only just started unless you have a great design plan in place. REDinterior offers guidance and advice on so many things that most other professionals don't have experience or forethought to consider. With the TOTAL HOME plan, we take a holistic approach and help you every step of the way to design the living space of your dreams. We give your plans a second look, to make sure they include everything you'll need based on your furniture layout. We can help you make all those long term, tricky choices that can seem overwhelming [ tile, stone, flooring, windows, color, roofing, appliances, sinks, faucets etc. etc.]. We can also help furnish your home and help you make careful choices to create the home you've always dreamed of. The TOTAL HOME is an all encompassing plan, that at the basic tier gives you a second opinion and at the highest tier gives you guidance and assistance with everything that will come your way when you are building your dream home or that amazing addition. 

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