How are you different than other designers?

I (Rebecca, Principal Interior Designer) am known by my clients to be like extended family, the good kind that is, the ones you can always count on that don't demand much in return. I also believe that what we create should reflect your personal taste, not mine. Plus, I don't work in just one style or have a "signature look" that I create over and over instead, we will create the home that you want, a place that is unique and "all you."

How do I know if your services are right for me?

If you would like to work with serious design professionals, people who love what they do, designers who are quick and responsive but also thorough and tuned in to your needs, then REDinterior is the right design firm for you. If you are ready to collaborate in a timely manner, appreciate the value that good design can bring to your life, and understand that designing a space is a process, then we at REDinterior are confident that we are the right choice for you.

How can I find out what your clients think about working with you?

We form lasting relationships with our clients and often work on multiple homes for them and their families. The designer-client relationship can become very intimate over time. As an example, one client writes:
"What a nice message to receive from just my "designer". Hah, I used to make fun of those TV shows where there is this bored housewife who becomes best friends with her hairdresser and her designer, because it seemed so farfetched. But I agree, you have become a good friend who I'm sure has had to hear more about … my life than you could have ever wished. -HS "
While we protect the privacy of our clients, we can give you a true sense of the work we have done, and what our clients have to say about us in our testimonials section.

Why should I hire a designer?

There are people out there who know how to decorate. They have "a great eye". That's helpful, but it's not enough. At REDinterior, we know the title "Interior Designer" isn't something anyone with an artistic bent can just tack on. It takes years of education and certifications, plus on-the-job experience to gain the skills and level of expertise we provide.  It's our duty to approach each job, not only with thoughts geared towards the aesthetics, but with our client's needs, preferences, and priorities in mind.  We've developed a digital Rolodex of contacts that include the very best names in the industry. We provide creative solutions and, we do it all within your budget and set time-frame. When you trust us you can expect:

  • The highest level of professionalism and integrity.
  • Cost-cutting and time savings techniques.
  • A highly functional yet artistic approach to room layout and design
  • A goal oriented "game plan." Whatever your immediate needs, our approach is going to get you fro point A to point B quickly – and you will arrive there in style.
  • A worry-free place to live and entertain. When you hire a professional interior designer, we consider every aspect of your living and entertaining space – so you don't have to fret about things being overlooked or forgotten.
  • A way to save money. When you get things done right the first time around, everyone is happy. There is no reason to back solve.

Why do I need an interior designer if I have an architect?

Interior designer are sometimes only thought of in terms of helping with furnishings. While this is a part of what we do, consider the knowledge we have about how your space will really function once you are in it. We have an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of how spaces are used and therefore can contribute greatly to the process from the start - even before you go for a building permit! Architects, builders, cabinetmakers and other contractors are finished with their work when they finish their part and the builder hands you the keys to the shell of your house. Let's face it, when you get those keys, it will feel like you only just started unless you have a great design plan in place. A house isn't a home until you can sleep in your bed, bathe in your tub, cook in your kitchen and relax in your living room. When a designer can give input all along the way, then "work arounds" and a "less than perfect" feel won't be necessary. You should consider a professional designer as a part of the design/build team.

How do you work with me and my architect?

In working with a home owner or other design professionals, it is important to have open communication to facilitate a strong working relationship. Collaboration with architects, builders, and contractors to create an efficient new construction or remodel work flow is critical to any construction project. However, working on a home is emotionally charged for the homeowner. At REDinterior we pride ourselves on putting homeowners at ease by offering an objective point of view and keeping them involved through open communication.
Will a designer add a lot to the overall expense of furnishing my home?

What is the difference between an Initial Interview vs Consultation?

No matter the size of your project, large or small, we meet face-to-face or via Skype, and discuss the general scope of work. Rebecca Soechtig, Principal Interior Designer at REDinterior, will explain the process of design and most of all, listen to your expectations. Our goal is to learn more about your needs and evaluate if we are the best choice for you. As the client, you'll get to meet us, see our work and determine if you would like REDinterior to work on your project. We know that selecting the right designer is the most important design decision you will have to make.
After having determined that we are a good match, we conduct the initial consultation. In this 1-2 hour meeting, we discuss the details of your project, clarify terms and mutually agreed upon next steps. We pride ourselves on working with you and for you. Your vision is of utmost concern as we move forward and create something special together that is unique to you.
The initial interview is about 1 hour long and is free of charge, where as the initial consultation has a fee based on scope that covers the meeting time and REDinterior's project set up.

What qualifying exams should I look for in my designer?

There are numerous exams both in America and Internationally. The two listed below are Country and State specific.
CCRE - California Codes and Regulations Exam (1994 - 2008). A 3 hour multiple choice exam testing for CA specific building codes and regulations. IDEX - Interior Design Exam - the new version of the CCRE effective as of 2009. Unlike the CCRE, IDEX no longer requires an additional qualifying exam to become a Certified Interior Designer (CID).
NCIDQ - National Council for Interior Design Qualifications. A 3 part exam taken over 14 hours consisting of 1 day of multiple choice exams and 1 day of drawing/space planning. Exam focus: all aspects of residential and commercial design from finish selection, to kitchen & bath design, to universal design.

Can a designer be licensed?

Many states across the US have passed legislation for interior design licensing requirements. While CA does not have licensure, it has a certification process which, prior to 2008, required the candidate to take the NCIDQ and the CCRE to become a Certified Interior Designer (CID), in 2009 the requirements were reduced to the IDEX. If looking at other CA designers, please ask if they have taken the NCIDQ to know if they have met the more stringent Certified Interior Designer (CID) qualifications.

Are their important design associations a designer should be a part of?

Design association membership is important as it shows that a designer is serious about the profession. There are many associations but the oldest and largest is ASID.
ASID - American Society for Interior Designers and IIDA - International Interior Designers Association, require the NCIDQ to be considered a professional member otherwise you are considered an associate member..
NKBA - National Kitchen and Bath Association, requires the CKD & CBD exams to be considered a professional member.
CCIDC - California Council for Interior Design Certification, required the CCRE plus either the NCIDQ, CK/BD or CQRID to be designated a Certified Interior Designer (CID).

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