I was one of those people who thought, why do you need a designer, but when you hire her you find out soon enough that there is much more work involved with a remodel than you think. Rebecca is not your typical designer, she is the project coordinator that will design the space based on your likes and wants, not hers. She gets to know you as a person and how you live and then helps build a space around that. Rebecca did it all, all the plans, all of the planning, and if we needed to find someone or something unique, she took care of it! If she brought up something that we thought was to expensive, she was more than willing to find/offer alternatives to what we think made more sense. You hear horror stories from people saying their remodel went twice as long, and the budget doubled. We had 90 days to finish a full remodel and we were moved in on day 90! Without the proper people in place, you will find yourself with project delays costing you more time and money. Rebecca makes sure you stay on time and on budget essentially saving you money.
Brock B. – 2200 sq.ft. Solana Beach
Working with Rebecca is one of the best investments of time and money I have made in my home. Not only is she thorough and detailed in every possible aspect of design and decision making, she always makes sure that I can live with my choices in the long-term. I never feel railroaded or "unsold" with Rebecca and I felt from the start that she always has my aesthetic and budget at heart. She is one of those rare designers who can keep the whole picture in her mind's eye at all times, even if a project has to be done piecemeal. She is also creative and resourceful in helping me find exactly what will work best in my home, from cleverly hidden toy cabinets to the perfect solar shades for the afternoon glare that plagues my kitchen. I have three small children who are hard on furniture, floors, finishes, etc. and Rebecca is always quick to suggest options that are both durable and beautiful to keep my home cozy, kid friendly and as neat as possible. With Rebecca's help, my living room went from awkward to amazing with just a few key changes. We spent three years remodeling our home and only afterwards discovered Rebecca to help us fix the kinks that didn't get worked out in the original redesign. What a shame we didn't meet her first!
Halle S. 3,000 sq.ft. Solana Beach
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative - Rebecca is beyond essential for anyone that is even thinking about a small change in décor or considering a giant change in home lifestyle. From her website and without even knowing or meeting her, you feel an instant connection to her work. She is true to her word. She works harder than anyone we know, and she truly GETS the people she is working for. The experience has just been pure bliss and the end product beyond our dreams.
Michele B. – 2200 sq.ft. Solana Beach
Rebecca is an expert Interior Designer that seamlessly incorporates practicality with luxury. She is thorough, thoughtful, and expert. We would hire Rebecca, again!
Jenny Maedgen – Burton Construction
Rebecca has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes her stand out from the myriad of designers in San Diego. She pays close attention to what a client has to say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of their requests in her designs. Not only does she create something that looks visually pleasing, but Rebecca also makes sure that it reflects her client's values. A versatile designer with vast experience, Rebecca would be a great hire for any job.
Maria Sparks – Cork & Platter
Ryan and I sell luxury homes in the high end markets on the coast. We have referred many clients to Rebecca. I have received nothing but praise and thank yous from my clients who have enjoyed working with her. She listens to the clients needs and wishes while keeping their style, budget and timeline in mind. Projects have ranged from a small master bedroom remodel to an entire interior remodel and furnishing. Rebecca is professional, reliable, talented, ethical and honest. I will refer all of my buyers to Rebecca.
Tracie Kersten – ProFund Real Estate
As a Realtor, I regularly work with buyers who purchase homes that need to be fixed up, remodeled, or just furnished to reflect the new owners’ personality. Obviously these are not things I can assist with, but I feel fully confident when I refer my clients to Rebecca with REDinterior.com. Not only can she assist with kitchen/bathroom remodels, whole house or one room furnishing, overall concept design, but she can also work with your land buyers who are looking to build; by reviewing plans and saving your clients money when she catches things the architect overlooked. Whatever stage your buyer is in – just getting started, just submitted an offer, just closed or closed 10 years ago – she can help. My clients can’t thank me enough for referring them to REDinterior.com. Time and time again, Rebecca proves to be an invaluable resource and I come across as the hero for referring her. As much as I'd like to keep her talents a secret, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I only wish I had a resource like Rebecca at REDinterior.com to refer my buyers to sooner.
Rebecca Wood – Prudential
...we are really enjoying the console. I think it fits really nicely in that space and I really like how you can see through the iron weaving as you move around it. It adds a lot of interest to our entryway. Thanks for the great find - Stacy G. It's so amazing how different [the powder room] is!
Brian G. 3,000 sq.ft. La Costa, CA
Rebecca worked with me for one hour in my home. Our master bedroom needed an update. She made such great suggestions that were simple but made a huge difference in the look of the room! From moving furniture, to removing or relocating wall hangings and draperies, her creative eye was fantastic. And, she listened to what look we wanted. Thank You Rebecca!!
Brenda Flores – 3000 sq.ft. Carmel Valley
My wife and I had the pleasure of having Rebecca as our interior design consultant for a remodeling project in our house. Not only did she quickly and precisely understand our goals, style, desires and budget constraints but, she also presented alternative layouts to our original idea. The final design for upgrading the master bathroom turned out beautiful; it also helped us to relocate and resize our closet, making it larger and more comfortable without compromising the master bedroom space. A great project, we loved it! In addition, Rebecca diligently helped us work with contractors and specialty stores. She is a seasoned professional with an impressive network in the area and is a very approachable and nice person to work with.
David Mosquera – La Costa
I initially sought REDs services to help with paint color choices for my home, but ended up doing a few extra things. I love upgrading my home but find the process stressful. Working with Rebecca was better than I had expected from an interior designer. She was extremely thoughtful about my budget and gave me suggestions about the best way to maximize what I wanted within that budget, such as picking and choosing what to work on to make the biggest impact in our home. She already has painters, wood workers, electricians installers, etc. that she has vetted and communicates any issues that arise with them directly, saving you time and lots of hassle. Back to the paint, she gave suggestions for colors and palettes that I wouldn’t have thought of had I gone to a paint store myself. The result is a palette that flows beautifully from room to room. When I walk in my house now I am extremely happy, it looks beautiful, clean and fresh.
Sonya Gilman – 1500 sq.ft. Oceanside
I am in the Philippines on business... I truly want to thank you for all your help and advice. You have been invaluable and extremely pleasurable to do business with. I couldn't have done any of this without you.
Glenn A. - Residence #1= 1,200 sq.ft. Del Mar & Residence #2= 14,000 sq.ft. Rancho Santa Fe
We truly enjoyed working with Rebecca this past year to update the furnishings in our Family Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Breakfast Dining Area and Stairway. Her suggestions on sectionals, couches, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, chandeliers, drapes, window coverings, ceiling canned lighting (in the Family Room) along with her choices of fabrics and drapery hardware made our decorating decisions so uncomplicated. She grasped our color goals for the various rooms and during the selection process, we never felt overwhelmed, only educated. Our house feels brand new and we are so glad to have found such a wonderful, personable interior designer. Rebecca was a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend her services.
George W. – 2300 sq.ft. Carmel Valley
I was most impressed with how quickly Rebecca learned my aesthetic tastes, whether it was furniture design, colors or compatibility with what I chose to bring from Las Vegas. When I purchased a 1200 sf condo in La Jolla, I still resided in a 4500 sf home in Las Vegas. The condo needed a complete renovation to take full advantage of its potential, including the kitchen, one bath, increasing the door widths, and removing, moving and thickening the walls to add a sound barrier. I am disabled, so there were special considerations for the disability. In addition, Rebecca navigated the permit process without needing me to be involved, and managed the construction crew, making sure that I got what we had discussed. I was pleased with her ability to select contractors and subcontractors who produced quality results. This long distance project went flawlessly because of a number of factors. Rebecca found a way to obtain the needed information whether it was from me, the title company, my agent or the condo manager. Rebecca knew when she needed my input and found a way to get it whether it was flying to see me or sending packages for my approval. I was constantly impressed with how much Rebecca knew about me, even with only a couple of face to face meetings. Anybody using Rebecca’s services will be impressed with her knowledge and resources. I could not be more pleased with the outcome.
John Krakauer – 1100 sq.ft. La Jolla
If you are looking for a designer who can pick up a set of plans and provide valuable feedback in just a few short minutes, or a person who can walk into a room and instantly determine changes that should be made to make your home or office more appealing – then Rebecca is the designer for you. I first met her and she was open, friendly, and we connected. I am a firm believer that the relationship with your designer is almost as important as the designer’s capabilities. When reviewing our plan documents, Rebecca was considerate of the overall design created by our architect, but at the same time, she felt comfortable pointing out key areas that had not been considered that will definitely save us time and money when construction begins.
Linda B – 6500 sq.ft. Carmel Valley

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